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November 12, 2019

Philosophy Alumni Publish on the Climate Crisis

Russell Duvernoy (Ph.D, 2017) and Larry Alan Busk (Ph.D, 2018) have co-authored an article on political philosophy and climate change that will appear in a special issue of Radical Philosophy Review.

The DOI for the article can be found at:

Book launch event for Koopman’s “How We Became Our Data”

Dr. Colin Koopman, Associate Professor in Philosophy and Director of UO’s New Media & Culture graduate offering, has a new book out with University of Chicago Press.

How We Became Our Data ( tracks the history of how data became a site of political and ethical concern from social media profiles to election hacks to warrantless mass dataveillance. Koopman is traveling to New York City for an East Coast book launch event at NYU’s Institute for Public Knowledge on 11/25 ( For local readers, there will be a West Coast launch event at UO’s own Wayne Morse Center for Law & Politics early next year, on the evening of Thursday February 27th (details to be announced).

November 7, 2019

Second Issue of Puncta: Journal of Critical Phenomenology

Dear faculty and colleagues,

We are excited to announce that the second issue of Puncta: Journal of Critical Phenomenology, is now available. The open-access issue can be found by following the following link,, and selecting “current issue.” The second issue features pieces by Johanna Oksala and Beata Stawarska, among others.

As you may know, Devin, Sarah, Shannon, Kaja, Amie, and Martina launched the journal in 2017. Puncta is an open-access, peer-reviewed philosophical journal established with the specific intention of redirecting phenomenological intentionality. It is our belief that phenomenology is not a mere descriptive practice, but an enactment of critique, that is, an ongoing process of revealing and interrogating the concrete conditions, institutions, and assumptions that structure lived experience, phenomenological inquiry, and thinking. If you are not foamier with the journal and its mission, and would like to learn more, you can find more information here:

This fall, we moved to a rolling submissions policy. To continue generating visibility for the journal, we invite you to share the issue with colleagues to whom you think the work here would be of interest, as well as to submit to the journal.

We also are pleased to inform you that a special issue on Critical Phenomenology and Disability is forthcoming in 2020.

If you would like to get involved with the journal, do not hesitate to contact one of us.

We thank Daniela and, more broadly, the department for the support they have given us.


The Editors of Puncta

Martina Ferrari, Devin Fitzpatrick, Sarah McLay, Shannon Hayes, Kaja Jenssen Rathe, and Amie Zimmer

October 21, 2019

Dr. Bonnie Mann in the New York Times

Dr. Bonnie Mann, Professor of Philosophy, has written an article for the New York Times: “The Toxic Masculinity of the Trump Administration” which discusses how it took a woman to break the spell that appeared to put the president above the law.

A link to the article is available at:

October 16, 2019

Doctoral Candidates receive Best Graduate Essay Award

UO Philosophy Doctoral Candidates Maggie Newton and Rebekah Sinclair won Best Graduate Essay Award at the 2019 Feast Conference.

John Montani receives Kevelson Award

John Montani receives the 2019 Roberta Kevelson Award at the 44th Annual Meeting of the Semiotic Society of America in Portland for the best student paper.

August 22, 2019

Graduating PhD Class of 2019

Click on photo to enlarge

August 12, 2019

Nicolae Morar on Jefferson Exchange Public Radio

Nicolae Morar, Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies & Philosophy and Associate Member in the Institute for Ecology and Evolution, was recently interviewed on Jefferson Exchange Public Radio about “How We Talk About The Microbiome.”

A link to the interview is available at:

July 24, 2019

Camisha Russell on UO Today

Camisha Russell, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, discusses her book The Assisted Reproduction of Race, which examines how concepts of race are reinforced by reproductive technologies on UO Today. Russell talks about how race is a social construct and asks, “what does the idea of race do?” and posits that race is a technology (something made and used).

July 22, 2019

Announcement of article publication by Eli Portella and Óscar Ralda


Eli Portella (UO Philosophy Department Doctoral Candidate) and ├ôscar Ralda (UO Philosophy Department Doctoral Student) have co-authored “Disenchantment Redux: Marx, the Frankfurt School, and the Critique of Ideology” which will appear in Chiasma: A Site for Thought sometime before the end of 2019.

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