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Philosophy Diversity Action Plan

UO Department of Philosophy, Diversity Action Plan

(June 2020)


A. Increase enrollment and success of minority and non-traditional students at the undergraduate (including both majors and minors) and graduate levels.

B. Support current minority and non-traditional students who are already part of the program.

C. Create a broad understanding that subjects of diversity in philosophy are an integral part of the academic discipline.

D. Support good working relations between faculty and staff.


A. Create and support climate, curriculum, and extra-curricular activities and events, which are positive toward diversity.

B. Discover and develop specific disciplinary reflection on how subjects of diversity are now an integral part of academic philosophy by adding to existing course curricula and creating new courses.

C. Take seriously and stay attuned to the concerns of diverse students, staff, and faculty.

D. Create channels for communication and have mechanisms in place for dealing with crises.

Tactics (& Resources)

A. Advertise relevant talks and events on a section of the Department website dedicated to diversity, which will include a diversity welcoming statement.

B. Implement a pilot program for a Diversity Focus for our graduate and undergraduate students. Please see attached program description. The Funded by UO DEI.

C. Create mechanisms for criticism and accountability, through dialogue and anonymous feedback and complaint procedures.

D. Maintain an explicit focus on diversity as one dimension of assessment for graduate student admissions and recruitment, as well as for faculty hires.

E. The Department of Philosophy is a chapter of “Minorities and Philosophy” (MAP,


A. and D. Increase in enrollment of minority and non-traditional students.
B. Success of Diversity Focus pilot program measure by enrollment in it, which will be tracked by the Diversity Focus advisor.
C. Positive annual student, staff, and faculty Feedback.


Tactic (A) partially implemented, all lectures are advertised on our web site; the statement on diversity may be found under “Diversity and Inclusion in the University of Oregon Philosophy Department” (

Tactic (B) Pilot began in 2018.

Tactic (C) to be implemented.

Tactic (D) is already in place and will continue.

Tactic (E) is already in place and will continue.

Lead Personnel:
Diversity Committee 2020-2021: Professor Bonnie Mann (Chair), Professor Alejandro Vallega; Dr. Camisha Russel. student representatives – TBA.

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