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About Us

Engaged thinking and integrated pluralism characterize philosophy at the University of Oregon.

Offering undergraduate (B.A., B.S., and minors in Philosophy and in Ethics) and graduate (M.A. and Ph.D.) degrees, the department is home to ongoing dialogues and inquiries across philosophical perspectives and academic disciplines.

We emphasize the following philosophical traditions and fields of focus:

  • Aesthetics
  • American and Pragmatist Philosophy
  • Analytic Philosophy
  • Continental Philosophy
  • Critical Theory
  • Environmental Philosophy
  • Ethics
  • Feminist Philosophy
  • History of Philosophy
  • Latin American Philosophy
  • Native American Philosophy
  • Philosophical Psychology
  • Philosophy of Disaster
  • Philosophy of Media and Culture
  • Philosophy of Race
  • Social/Political Philosophy

Our graduate program produces first-rate scholars and teachers with a strong foundation in the history of philosophy, a well-rounded preparation in the diverse concerns of contemporary philosophy, and the skills to communicate effectively across different traditions and schools of thought. Our graduates have an established track-record of successful placement in tenure-track positions at liberal arts colleges and research universities.

Our thriving undergraduate program, with over 200 majors and minors, is one of the largest in the nation. We encourage our students to become engaged, reflective citizens and lifelong learners while preparing them for graduate study or careers in government, law, the non-profit sector, or business. Our undergraduate program emphasizes the skills of critical reflection, written and oral communication, and creative problem-solving.

Our faculty and students collaborate with a range of University-wide, interdisciplinary programs and research centers, including the Center for the Study of Women in SocietyComparative Literature, Environmental StudiesEthnic Studies, the Institute of Cognitive and Decision Sciences, the Latin American Studies ProgramReligious Studies, and Women’s and Gender Studies.

The department is home to Environmental Philosophy, the official journal of the International Association for Environmental Philosophy, and the Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society, the premier journal of the history of American philosophy.

The University of Oregon is the leading program for those seeking to integrate multiple theoretical perspectives in dialogue with the history of philosophy. For more information about our philosophical community, consult this site or write to us at the address below.




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