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Diversity and Inclusion in the UO Philosophy Department


Western academic philosophy and before that, western philosophy beginning in the ancient world has largely had white male practitioners who spoke and wrote to other white males. Beginning in the 1970s, there has been a counter-trend in professional academic philosophy, led by individual scholars, with support from the American Philosophical Association. Studies in Feminism, LGBTQ issues, race, ethnicity, Latin American/LatinX Philosophy, Asian American Philosophy, and Disability have entered the profession as integral parts of recognized scholarly work and the profession has become more demographically diverse. The University of Oregon Philosophy Department has over the past twenty years affirmed this new intellectual and demographic inclusivity as a core element in all aspects of our work, goals, and daily functioning.

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The UO Philosophy Department has a Diversity Action Plan – click here

Click here for Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Reporting Policies.


The UO Philosophy Department Offers a Diversity Focus to undergraduate majors, minors, and ethic minors, and to ANYONE with any major or undeclared.

The Diversity Focus in Philosophy is an opportunity to combine

diversity courses in race, gender, class, with lectures, events, and

workshops, to earn formal recognition of focused philosophical

studies of diversity, for future employment and graduate study and

student interest.

For philosophy majors, minors and ethics minors – click here

For majors in other departments or undeclared – click here

For Philosophy Graduate Students – click here






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