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Awards, Opportunities, and Support for Graduate Students

Numerous opportunities for recognition and special awards are available for graduate students at the University of Oregon. In addition to winning many campus-wide awards, our graduate students have also competed successfully for awards such as the OUS-SYLFF Graduate Fellowship and the Fulbright Fellowship for Graduate Study and Research Abroad. We encourage our students to apply for relevant awards. For advice about applications or your eligibility, please consult with the Director of Graduate Studies.

See also these links to Alternative Sources of Travel Funding.


Philosophy Department

The Paideia Prize

Since 2004, the Philosophy Department has awarded the Paideia Prize at spring graduation to the Philosophy Department’s graduate employee who most exemplifies the ideals of undergraduate teaching. The winner receives $300. No application is required; all graduate students teaching in the department are automatically considered for the prize. Students are eligible to win the Paideia Prize only once during their graduate studies.

Past Winners of the Paideia Prize:

2020 – Xiao Ouyang
2019 – Kenny Knowlton
2018 – Martina Ferrari
2017 – Shannon Hayes
2016 – Amy Billingsley and Dana Rognlie
2015 – Russell Duvernoy, Phil Mayo, and Kimberley Parzuchowski
2014 – Megan Burke
2013 – Teri Mayfield
2012 – Jonathan Langseth and Justin Pack
2011 – David Craig and Rhea Muchalla
2010 – Mindy Lawson and Aaron Rodriguez
2009 – Caroline Lundquist
2008 – Kara Barnette and Elizabeth Caldwell
2007 – Sarah Constance LaChance Adams, Mathew Alan Foust, and John Jacob Kaag
2006 – Celia Tagamolila Bardwell-Jones and Robin Lynn Zebrowski
2005 – Melissa Marie Shew
2004 – Adam Charles Arola

The Philosophy Matters Prize

The Department of Philosophy awards the Philosophy Matters Prize annually for the best UO undergraduate and graduate student essays that showcase the continued relevance of philosophy to concrete issues facing us in the world. Up to two undergraduate prizes and one graduate prize are awarded each year. Each winner receives $300. Winners of the award are announced at the Philosophy Spring Commencement, and winning essays are posted on the Department of Philosophy website. For more information, including submission instructions, please visit the Philosophy Matters Prize page.


Center for the Study of Women and Society

Research Grants for Graduate Students

Available to UO graduate students, these grants support research and/or creative work from a range of disciplines on topics related to women and gender (to $2,500). Click here for the pdf application form and directions.

CSWS Laurel Research Award

Available to UO graduate students in the beginning stages of his/her degree work. The student must be nominated by their mentoring faculty member for this award which supports research on women and gender. The recipient will be awarded $2,250 and receive tuition remission for one term in cases where appropriate. An additional $250 can be awarded to a faculty member for expenses directly related to mentoring or collaborative research with the student. To qualify, applicants must be either a currently registered UO international graduate student or a currently registered UO graduate student from an ethnic minority community as defined by the UO Campus Diversity Plan [e.g. African-American, Latino(a)/Chicano(a), Native American, Asian American or Pacific Islander who is a U.S. citizen or permanent resident]. Contact the Center for the Study of Women and Society for more details.

Jane Grant Dissertation Fellowship

This prestigious award, honoring the wife of CSWS’s benefactor, William Harris, will be given to an outstanding scholar at the doctoral level. This award is designed to support dissertations from a range of disciplines and topics related to women and gender. Only UO graduate students who have been advanced to candidacy (or will be by the date of the award) are eligible to be considered for this award of $10,000 and tuition remission. Click here for the pdf application form and directions.


College of Arts and Sciences Scholarships and Fellowships

The College of Arts and Sciences offers a number of annual awards for which Philosophy graduate students are eligible, including the following:

Mary Chambers Brockelbank Endowed Assistance Fund ($1,000 – $2,000)
* Financial Need
Norman Brown Graduate Fellowship ($4,000 – $5,000)
* Graduate Students
College of Arts and Sciences Graduate Scholarship ($1,000 – $2,000)
* Graduate Students
* Academic merit
Everett D. Monte Scholarship ($1,000 – $3,000)
* Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors, Graduate Students
* Financial need
Risa Palm Graduate Fellowship ($1,000)
* Graduate Students
* Promise for achievement in academic field
Charles A. Reed Graduate Fellowship ($1,500 – $2,500)
* Graduate Students
* PhD candidate – please describe your PhD research plans in your personal statement
* One recommendation should be from department head

Creative Writing:


Center for Asian & Pacific Studies
Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowships
Freeman Internship Fellowships
Center for Asian & Pacific Studies (CAPS) Small Professional Grants for Graduate Students



Romance Languages:

For a complete list of awards, eligibility, and application instructions, visit the CAS Scholarships page:


Graduate School Awards

The University of Oregon Graduate School administers numerous annual awards for which philosophy graduate students are eligible, including the following:

Betty Foster McCue Scholarship: $5000 each to up to two doctoral candidates whose dissertation topics are related to issues of human development and performance.

Dan Kimble First Year Teaching Award: Up to two $500 awards for outstanding teaching performances by graduate employees (GEs) in their first year of classroom experience.

Donald and Darel Stein Graduate Student Teaching Award: This award of $1,000 is available for up to two recipients who have demonstrated outstanding teaching performance as Graduate Employees while at the same time excelling in their own academic program.

Gary E. Smith Summer Professional Development Award: $3,000 award for up to three outstanding master’s or doctoral students pursuing academic, professional development, or training enrichment opportunities during the summer.

Margaret McBride Lehrman Fellowship: A $9,000 award (and tuition waiver for a non-GE recipient) to a graduate student with financial need who is pursuing studies that emphasize communication, particularly through writing.

Margaret Wiese Graduate Research Award: Two $500 awards to support graduate student research (i.e., travel, materials, archival or field research) related to preserving the culture, language and/or artifacts of northwestern Native Americans.

Southeast Asian Studies Award: One $1,000 award designed to encourage graduate research about Southeast Asia.

University Club Foundation, Inc. Fellowship Award Program: To recognize and encourage scholarship, demonstrated leadership, and potential societal contributions, $5,000 award is made to each of four graduate students (one each from UO, OHSU, OSU, and PSU).

University of Oregon Doctoral Research Fellowships: Each department nominates one student who will be in the final year of doctoral work. $18,000 stipend plus tuition waiver for up to 3 dissertation students.

UO Public Impact Graduate Fellowship: This award provides two recipients with a stipend of $6,000 and the opportunity to participate in a research advocacy workshop for graduate students and new faculty.

Graduate Employee opportunities:

Various UO awards:
For complete information on eligibility, deadlines, and application instructions, visit the Graduate School’s Scholarships, Awards, and Fellowships page:


International Student and Scholar Services

Scholarships for International Students: At the University of Oregon, you will find several sources of financial aid for international students, both at the undergraduate and graduate level. Each year, the UO awards over one million dollars in financial aid and scholarships to international students.

For more information, visit the Scholarships for International Students page at


Oregon Humanities Center Graduate Fellowships

The purpose of the Graduate Research Fellowships is to stimulate humanistic research and support graduate education by providing UO doctoral students who expect to complete their Ph.D.s by the end of the current academic year the necessary time, space and other resources to finish their dissertations.

Research projects must be humanistic, but applicants may be enrolled in any department, college, or school. The term humanities is broadly interpreted to include literature; philosophy; history; the study of languages; linguistics; religion; ethics; jurisprudence; history; theory, and criticism of the arts; and the interpretive aspects of the social and natural sciences and the professions.

For more information, visit the following OHC pages:

OHC Teaching Fellowship:

OHC Dissertation Fellowship:

OHC Graduate Research Support Fellowship:


OUS-SYLFF Graduate Fellowships for International Research

Funded through the Oregon University System by the Nippon Foundation of Tokyo to nurture leaders who will transcend geopolitical, religious, ethnic, and cultural boundaries in the world community for the peace and well-being of humankind. Stipends are awarded for one year of full-time graduate work involving research and scholarly endeavors in programs and projects with an international dimension. The stipend for OUS-SYLFF recipients is up to $12,000 for the academic year to assist with educational and research expenses. Approximately five fellowships are awarded each year throughout the OUS and several partial fellowship stipends may be given each year to help subsidize research-related expenses and travel.

More details, including application information, is available at the Graduate’s Schools OUS-SYLFF Fellowship page here:


Wayne Morse Dissertation Fellowships

Each year, the Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics, with the support of the Graduate School, supports two graduate students while they conduct research and write dissertations related to the Wayne Morse Center theme. Each Wayne Morse Dissertation Fellow receives a stipend of $3,000 for one academic term, in addition to a tuition waiver.

For additional information, including application deadlines and instructions, visit the Wayne Morse Center’s Fellowship page:

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