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Undergraduate Travel Awards

The department offers undergraduate students travel awards for presenting a paper at undergraduate and professional conferences in Philosophy.

Each student with a declared Philosophy Major and junior or senior standing at the UO is eligible for one reimbursement for expenses up to $400 for conference travel.

Eligible students will be reimbursed for their travel as applications are submitted until May 15.

Students who have already received funding for a conference may nonetheless apply for funds, as their applications will be considered if there are funds remaining. Please submit any additional applications by May 15. If you apply for an additional award before May 15, your application will be held until the deadline.

Students are encouraged to seek lodging opportunities with local peers at the conference to reduce the overall expense; conference organizers can be contacted about this.


1. Travel awards are administered by the Undergraduate Committee. To apply for a travel award, please submit the following to the Chair of the Undergraduate Committee as soon as you receive notice of acceptance to present a conference paper:

Chair of the Undergraduate Committee will confirm your eligibility and availability of funds via email.

2. Reimbursements will be paid upon submission of receipts up to $400. Please submit receipts to the department’s Business Manager as soon as you return from your travel. Note the following receipt requirements:

    • Conference schedule. The conference schedule listing dates and places, registration fees, conference hotel (if applicable), and meals is required. If you don’t have one, check the web.
    • Travel Itinerary. Travel reimbursement information must contain the date, time, and place of departure, as well as the date, time, and place of return (a copy of the airline itinerary will suffice). The airline itinerary must be purchased by the person requesting reimbursement and show payment received. Airfares must be from Eugene, not Portland. If you use ground transportation to go to Portland, you must include a copy of a comparison fare to show that your flight from Portland with ground transport cost less than a flight from Eugene. Separate quotes are required for any ticket that includes personal travel. When combining personal travel with travel to be reimbursed, payment will be based on the least expensive and reasonable means of transportation to the business location.
    • Meal Per Diem and Lodging. Meals are paid at a flat per diem rate, you do not need receipts for meals. Lodging receipts must be in the traveler’s name, and show payment received. Meal and lodging per diem is limited to the business portion of the trip. Generally, the dates of the conference or meeting and one travel day before and after are allowable for reimbursement. Note that you cannot be reimbursed for meals listed on the conference schedule or included on registration forms.

Please direct all questions about documentation for reimbursement or which expenses can be reimbursed to the department’s Business Manager.

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