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Philosophy Minor Requirements

The undergraduate minor in Philosophy has the following requirements:

    1. Required Credits

      24 hours in philosophy, including 16 hours of upper-division courses (as described below). No more than 8 of these 24 hours may be taken pass/no pass.

    2. Minimum Grade Requirement

      C- or better in all courses used to satisfy the minor

    3. Course Distribution

      two of the three courses from the History of Philosophy (8 credits)

      PHIL 310: History of Philosophy: Ancient and Medieval
      PHIL 311: History of Philosophy: Modern
      PHIL 312: History of Philosophy: 19th Century

      one author’s course (4 credits)

      One course devoted to the works of specific philosophers (e.g., Plato, Kant, Dewey, Beauvoir, etc.) offered at the 400-level.

      Please note that the history courses are sometimes prerequisites for the author’s courses (consult catalog or course schedule for details), and that the latter are typically open to juniors and seniors only. Careful advance planning is essential.

      How to officially declare a minor in Philosophy

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