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Advising and Assessment

The Director of Graduate Studies serves as the official advisor of all philosophy graduate students until they choose a dissertation director. Students should meet with the Director of Graduate Studies to discuss how they plan to satisfy the requirements for an advanced philosophy degree. They may also consult with the Director about which courses satisfy which distribution requirements, transfer credits, satisfaction of the second language requirement and logic requirement, teaching assistantships inside and outside of the department, and fellowships.

Choosing an advisor

Graduate Students are free to choose an advisor from amongst the tenure-related faculty at any point in their graduate career; however, doctoral students must do so by the time they begin their Literature Review (generally spring of year 3). The faculty member must agree to be the student’s advisor. Keep in mind: the department recommends that you not work with the same faculty members for your History Paper (fall and winter, year 3) and your dissertation.

Assessment of Student Progress

Policies on assessment of student progress are under construction. Please contact the Director of Graduate Studies for more information in the meantime.

The current Director of Graduate Studies is:
Dr. Scott Pratt,
(541) 346-5544 :FAX

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