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Courtesy Faculty

John Holmes

John Holmes profile picture

Albert A. Johnstone

Albert A. Johnstone profile picture
  • Title: Courtesy Professor
  • Interests: phenomenological investigation in the Husserlian tradition into what it is like to be a human being

Amy Marvin

Amy Marvin profile picture
  • Affiliation: courtesy
  • Title: Courtesy Postdoctoral Scholar
  • Office: 211 Susan Campbell Hall
  • Affiliated Departments: Philosophy Department
  • Adviser: Bonnie Mann
  • Interests: Feminist Philosophy, Humor Studies, Transgender Studies, 19th Century Continental Philosophy
  • Website: Website

Maxine Sheets-Johnstone

Maxine Sheets-Johnstone profile picture
  • Title: Courtesy Professor
  • Interests: Philosophical Biology/Anthropology, Philosophy of Psychology, Philosophy of Mind/Body, Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy, Language in Evolutionary Perspective, Aesthetics

Edgar Temam

Edgar Temam profile picture
  • Affiliation: instructor
  • Title: CRES ProTem Instructor
  • Additional Title: Courtesy Postdoctoral Research Scholar
  • Phone: 541-338-8721
  • Office: Knight Law Bldg.
  • Affiliated Departments: Philosophy Department
  • Interests: history of philosophy, critical thinking, basic logic, pedagogy, philosophy of technology, social & political philosophy--particularly, our thinking about violence & nonviolence, war & peace, conflict & resolution, force & power, injustice & justice

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