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Study Abroad

Besides strengthening language skills that will allow you to access philosophical texts in the original language, studying abroad is an invaluable experience that broadens your horizon and perspective on things. You may consider either short-term intensive language courses, or (if you have the required language skills) you may consider studying philosophy in another country for a year.

There are numerous funding opportunities sponsored by the UO that you can find listed below. If you are not a U.S. citizen, other funding opportunities may be available for you in your own country.

If you are planning to take philosophy courses in a foreign language you should be aware that most scholarships and exchange programs require at least 2 years of college-level in the language spoken at the university one wishes to attend.

You may contact the Office of International Affairs for more information about UO sponsored programs. If you wish to study philosophy abroad for a year, consult either with the director of undergraduate studies or with another UO philosophy faculty member you took classes with to hear about philosophy departments abroad that offer classes in your area of interest.

UO Sponsored Study Abroad Programs for Undergraduates:

(UO programs are typically exchange programs, and they offer scholarships. See

Outside of Language programs / internship related projects, Universities abroad that have philosophy courses available are listed below (separated by location):

1. National University of Singapore Exchange
2. Dankook University Exchange
3. Hong Kong University Exchange
4. Japan’s Womens’ Study University Exchange

1. Curtin University Exchange
2. University of Otago Exchange
3. La Trobe University Exchange
4. Australian National University Exchange

Middle East
1. Hebrew University of Jerusalem

1. Humanities in Athens
2. Liberal Arts in London
3. University of Leicester Exchange
4. University of Bristol Exchange
5. University of Edinburgh Exchange
6. University of Tampere Exchange
7. University of Oslo Exchange
8. University of Sheffield Exchange
9. Uppsala University Exchange
10. University of Aberdeen
11. University of Bergen

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