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Undergraduate Advising

Beata Stawarska, Director of Undergraduate Studies, serves as the official advisor for all philosophy majors and minors. Normally, one or two graduate students in philosophy assist the Undergraduate Studies Director.  The advising assistants for Spring 2015 are Paria Akbar Akhgari and Russell Duvernoy.

Students should plan to meet with the Director of Undergraduate Studies when first declaring their major or minor in philosophy. They should also plan to meet with an advisor at least once each year to discuss their academic interests, progress, and plans. To avoid delays in graduating, students are expected to meet with an advisor during the spring before they begin their senior year (or at least three terms prior to their expected graduation).

In addition to advising students on program requirements and current course offerings, the Director of Undergraduate Studies also advises students concerning transfer credits in philosophy, philosophy credit for courses taken during study abroad, and preparation for graduate study in philosophy.

Students interested in combining philosophy with pre-law study may meet with Colin Koopman or Naomi Zack, who serve as the department’s pre-law advisors.

Spring 2015 Advising Hours:

Paria Akbar Akhgari
Monday and Wednesday 11:00-11:50am
in room 158 Susan Campbell Hall

Russell Duvernoy
Tuesday 9:00-9:50am and Wednesday 9:00-10:50am
in room 361 Susan Campbell Hall

Beata Stawarska
Monday 9:00-10:50am
in room 247 Susan Campbell Hall

For more information, contact…..

Beata Stawarska, Director of Undergraduate Studies
Department of Philosophy
University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403-1295
(541) 346-5544 :FAX

If you are unable to contact Dr. Stawarska, please contact the Philosophy Department main office:
(541) 346-5547 or