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July 17, 2017

20th Annual Summer Institute in American Philosophy

Monday-Saturday, July 10-15
Keynote speaker: Melvin Rogers, Scott Waugh Chair in the Division of Social Sciences and Associate Professor of Political Science & African American Studies at UCLA
“American Philosophy in Black”
SIAP Website
2017 SIAP Flyer
Contact: Erin McKenna

June 5, 2017

Talk with Dr. Yu Zhenhua

Saturday, June 3

Talk with Dr. Yu Zhenhua, former Dean of Philosophy, East China Normal University
“Chinese Philosophy: From ancient times to the present”
Downtown Eugene Public Library
Contact: Bonnie Mann

UO Philosophers dine with Chinese colleagues

May 26, 2017

Colloquium with Anne O’Byrne

Thursday May 25
Colloquium with Anne O’Byrne, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Stony Brook University
“What’s Wrong with Genocide?: Why Genocide is Not an Ethical Problem”
Knight Library Browsing Room
Contact: Mark Johnson

May 22, 2017

Colloquium with John Kaag

Thursday May 18
Colloquium with John Kaag, Professor of Philosophy, University of Massachusetts Lowell
“American Philosophy: A Love Story”
Deady Hall 208
Contact: Mark Johnson

May 3, 2017

Community Philosophy Circle: “Identity and Connection in the Digital World”

Tuesday May 16
Downtown Eugene Public Library

Paul Bodin and Caroline Lundquist will be co-facilitating the third in a series of Community Philosophy Circles, scheduled to start promptly at 6:00pm on Tuesday May 16 in the Downtown Eugene Public Library.

Today, average Americans spend about half of their waking lives looking at screens, and for many of us, our digital lives are now just as much a part of our personal identities as the things we do in our “real” lives. Despite these new trends, most of us spend little enough time reflecting on the social and ethical implications of the digital technologies we use in our daily lives. Come explore the nature and meaning of life in the digital age at the third Community Philosophy Circle, led by Paul Bodin and Caroline Lundquist from the UO Philosophy Department.

All ages are welcome, and all public philosophy events are free.

For more information, contact Paul Bodin or Caroline Lundquist

May 2, 2017

2017 Celebration of Women & Diversity in Philosophy

May 10, 2017
7-9 PM
The Barnlight East (545 East 8th Avenue)

Join us for a celebration of women and feminist scholars who continue to add their voices to philosophical discourse, enriching and bettering with their contributions, the conversation.

Please invite students, friends, partners, lovers, and allies. Desserts, snacks and soft drinks will be provided. Additional beverages can be purchased on location.

The event is generously sponsored by the Philosophy Department.

For more information, contact Martina Ferrari at

April 24, 2017

Colloquium with Verena Erlenbusch

Thursday April 20

Colloquium with Verena Erlenbusch, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of Memphis
“Genealogies of Terrorism”
Knight Library Browsing Room
Contact: Mark Johnson

April 7, 2017

Colloquium with Lewis Gordon

Thursday April 6
Colloquium with Lewis Gordon, Professor of Philosophy and African American Studies, University of Connecticut at Storrs
“When Justice is Not Enough: Toward the Decolonization of Normative Life”
Knight Library Browsing Room
Contact: Mark Johnson

Undergraduate talk by Lewis Gordon

Wednesday April 5
Undergraduate talk by Lewis Gordon, Professor of Philosophy and African American Studies, University of Connecticut at Storrs
“The Intimate Relationship Between Fascism and Racism”
Lillis 182
Contact: Erin McKenna

March 8, 2017

Erin McKenna to discuss “Living with Livestock”

On Wednesday, 5 April 2017 at 6:00PM, the UO Museum of Natural and Cultural History presented its monthly pub talk at Marketplace@Sprout!, 418 A Street in Springfield, during which UO Professor of Philosophy Erin McKenna discussed “Living with Livestock.” In her talk, Dr. McKenna explored the interconnections and considered how to develop respectful relationships with these vital creatures.

For additional information, please visit

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