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Barbara Muraca

Barbara Muraca profile picture
  • Affiliation: faculty
  • Title: Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Environmental Studies
  • Office: 242 Susan Campbell Hall
  • Office Hours: 10:00-11:50am on Thursdays during Winter 2020
  • Affiliated Departments: Environmental Studies
  • Website: Website

Research Interests

  1. General areas of research:
    Process Philosophy (A.N. Whitehead); Environmental and Social Philosophy; Feminist Philosophy; Political Ecology
  2. Current research:
    - Human-Nature Relationships, value and valuation of ecosystem services. My work focuses on the concept of "relational values" and explores plural, non-Western languages of valuation beyond the dichotomy between intrinsic and instrumental values
    - Sustainability Theory and the International Degrowth Movement: my current research focuses on crisis scenarios beyond economic growth and the role of new social movements for a radical social-ecological transformation.
    - Global Environmental Justice and Political Ecology. 


Barbara Muraca is Assistant Professor of Philosophy. Her research focuses on Environmental and Social Philosophy, Process Philosophy, and Political Ecology. Prior to working at University of Oregon she was Assistant Professor of Environmental and Social Philosophy at Oregon State University and Senior Researcher (Post-Doc) at the Center for Advanced Studies 'Post-growth Societies' at the Institute of Sociology of the University of Jena, Germany. Muraca received her MA in Philosophy from the University of Turin, Italy, and her Ph.D. from the University of Greifswald, Germany. She is currently co-director of the International Association for Environmental Philosophy (IAEP). Since Summer 2018 she is a Lead Author of the IPBES assessment on multiple values of nature (Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services).


Books​ (in German)
Muraca, B. (2010): Denken in Grenzgebiet: prozessphilosophische Grundlagen einer Theorie starker Nachhaltigkeit. Freiburg/München: Karl Alber Verlag, 442 pages. Winner of Alber Award 2010.
Muraca, B. (2014): Gut Leben: Eine Gesellschaft jenseits des Wachstums. Berlin: Wagenbach, 94 pages. Currently in translation for SUNY Press.

Selected refereed Articles in English:
Himes, A., Muraca, B. (2018): Relational values: the key to pluralistic valuation of ecosystem services. In: Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 35, 1-7
Kallis, G. et al. (2018): Research on Degrowth. In: Annu. Rev. Environ. Resour 43:4.1–4.26.
Muraca B., Neuber, F. (2018): Viable and Convivial Technologies: Considerations on Climate Engineering from a Degrowth Perspective. In: Journal of Cleaner Production 197, 1810-1822.
Muraca, B. (2016): Relational Values: A Whiteheadian Alternative for Environmental Philosophy and Global Environmental Justice. In: Balkan Journal of Philosophy 8(1), 19-38.
Chan, Kai et al. (2016): Why protect nature? Rethinking values and the environment. In: PNAS 113 (6), 1462-1465.
Jax, Kurt et al. (2013): Ecosystem services and ethics. In: Ecological Economics 93, 260–268.
Muraca, B. (2013): Décroissance: A Project for a Radical Transformation of Society. In: Environmental Values 22 (2), 147-169.
Muraca, B. (2012): Towards a fair degrowth-society: Justice and the right to a ‘good life’ beyond growth. In: Futures 44 (6), 535–545.
Muraca, B. (2011): The Map of Moral Significance: a new matrix for environmental ethics. In: Environmental Values 20 (3), 375-396.

Selected refereed Book Chapters in English:
Muraca, B., Döring, R. (2017): From (strong) sustainability to Degrowth: A philosophical and historical reconstruction. In: Caradonna, J.: Routledge Handbook of the History of Sustainability. London: Routledge, 339-361.
Muraca, B., Schmelzer, M. (2017): Sustainable degrowth: historical roots of the search for alternatives to growth in three regions. In: Borowy, I., Schmelzer, M.: History of the Future of Economic Growth - Historical roots of current debates on sustainable degrowth. London: Routledge, 174-196.
Muraca, B. (2016): Re-appropriating the Ecosystem Services concept for a decolonization of ‘nature’. In Bannon, B.: Nature and Experience. Rowman & Littlefield, 143-156.
Petridis, P., Muraca, B. Kallis, G. (2015): Degrowth: between a scientific concept and a slogan for a social movement. In: Martinez-Alier, J., Muradian, R.: Handbook of Ecological Economics. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 176-200.
Muraca, B. (2014): Teleology and the life sciences: between limit concept and ontological necessity. In: Koutroufinis, S (ed.). Life and Process Towards a New Biophilosophy. Berlin, Boston: De Gruyter, pp. 37-71.




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