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CALL FOR PAPERS: “What is Community?”

Communities contain not only the conditions for a good life among others, but also the possibility of destructive exclusion. Communities unite to provide for each other in emergencies and disasters, but they can also reject, exploit, and refuse others. What is a good community? Must a community always be exclusive? How do communities come to be? What kinds of communities have existed in the past or are developing now in the present? What is the meaning of community today?

We invite papers on community, especially from philosophy, literature, psychology, ethnic studies, women/gender studies, queer theory, history, and others. Possible topics include the history of community, historic communities, communities in development, the structure of communities, communal space, the relationship of community to communism, the relationship of community to communication, the aesthetics of community, political aspects of community, the space of community, community today, race and community, gender and community, disability and
community, animals and community, and the treatment of community in literature.

Two faculty, two graduate students and two undergraduates will present.
Refreshments will be provided.
Faculty and grads are encouraged to submit abstracts for consideration.
Undergrads are asked to submit full papers, although abstracts will be considered.
Send submissions to
Submission deadline: April 2, 2018
Conference date: May 12, 2018

Please direct any questions or concerns to Jon LaRochelle at

What is Community CFP

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