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Steven Brence to give NEA talk

In connection with the National Endowment for the Arts “Big Read” program, Steven Brence, Senior Instructor of Philosophy, will be giving a talk at the Downtown Eugene Public Library, 100 West 10th Avenue, at 2:00pm on Saturday March 11 titled “Gangsters, Goons, Femmes Fatale, and Losers: The Leading Role of a Noir Supporting Cast” and will be giving introductions prior to and talks after four films noir — “The Big Sleep,” “Double Indemnity,” “The Third Man,” and “The Maltese Falcon” — to be shown on consecutive Thursday evenings beginning at 7:00pm on March 9 at the Bijou Art Cinema, 492 East 13th Avenue. Dr. Brence will also introduce and give a talk after a screening of the film version of “1984” at the Bijou on Tuesday April 4.

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