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Johanna C. Luttrell

Johanna C. Luttrell profile picture
  • Title: ABD Ph.D.
  • Interests: Social and Political Philosophy, Feminist Philosophy.


Courses taught: Summer 2009, PHIL 332: Philosophy of Film.  Winter 2010, PHIL 322: Philosophy of the Arts.


Social and Political Philosophy, Feminist Philosophy.

Competence: Ethics, Aesthetics.

Topics: global poverty, the Capabilities Approach, human rights, urban development under globalization, global feminisms, intersections of philosophy and the arts – especially of film and literature.


My dissertation, entitled “Gender, Alienation and Dignity in the Global Slums” explores the condition of female global poverty, and particularly women who live in the slums of “developing” countries. I depart from a traditional focus on distribution and recognition to explore issues of alienation and the oppression of women that result from the demands of global capitalism. I explore how alienation of women in slums is both created by globalization and supported by the exploitation of women and demands on their time by their roles as caregivers and workers. I suggest we need a more robust theory of human dignity, drawing from the current conversation on the “capabilities approach” and human rights approaches to economic development.


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