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UO Philosophy team funded for Data Science Ethics

A joint UO-OHSU interdisciplinary team was selected for funding to organize a series of workshops on topics in “Responsible Data Science: Social Impacts and Ethical Challenges”. The team includes Colin Koopman, Department of Philosophy; Nicolae Morar, Department of Philosophy & Environmental Studies; Kristen Bell, Law School; Ramon Alvarado, Department of Philosophy; and graduate student Paul Showler, Department of Philosophy. The OHSU side of the collaboration is headed up by bioethicist and neurologist Eran Klein along with computer scientist and ethicist Steven Bedrick. The team will deliver workshops for research faculty and their lab researchers on both campuses beginning this spring term. Topics will include: algorithmic bias & discrimination, data privacy, and the impacts of information systems in human agency & identity. Other projects funded through the Data Science Initiative are noted at AroundtheO:

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