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Team led by two UO Philosophy Professors receives Collaboration Seed Project Grant

Nicolae Morar, Assistant Professor of Philosophy & Environmental Studies, and Colin Koopman, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Ethics Minor Director, and Director of New Media & Culture Certificate Program, are leaders of a group that put together and won a $15k UO-OHSU Collaboration Seed Project grant.

The project title is “Oregon Center for Law, Ethics and Neuroscience” and the description is as follows: “Data-driven advances in neuroscience – including Big Data analytics, machine learning methods, stem cell transplantation, gene editing – are rapidly transforming health, human behavior, and society. The promises of neuroscience will neither be fully realized nor responsibly pursued unless the ethical, legal and public policy challenges brought by these and other transformations are anticipated. This convening grant will help to incubate the development of a collaborative UO-OHSU Center for Law, Ethics and Neuroscience to help address these important issues.”

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