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David Craig receives UO Translation Studies Working Group’s Graduate Research Award

On 1 May 2013, David Craig (doctoral candidate in Philosophy) and Anna Baumeister (doctoral student in Comparative Literature) were awarded the UO Translation Studies Working Group’s Graduate Research Award. These two students are producing a translation of Friedrich Schiller’s 1780 dissertation “Über den Zusammenhang der tierischen Natur des Menschen mit seiner geistigen” which they translate as “On the Connection of the Animalic and Intellectual Natures of the Human.” Craig and Baumeister will use their $1,000 award to financially support the trip they will take to Germany this August to conduct the archival research (at Marbach and elsewhere) needed to append scholarly references and a translator’s preface to the translation, which they expect to complete and submit for publication by the end of Summer 2013.

On 29 May 2013, David Craig was awarded an additional Graduate School Research Award in the amount of $500, which he will use for other expenses related to this archival research in Europe.

Congratulations, David!

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