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Daniela Vallega-Neu Offers Course at 2013 Collegium Phaenomenologicum

Daniela Vallega-Neu, Visiting Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy, will teach a course titled “Heidegger’s Reticence: From Contributions to Das Ereignis and Toward Gelassenheit” at the 38th annual session of the Collegium Phaenomenologicum, which will be held in the Umbrian town of Città di Castello from July 8–26, 2013.

The Collegium is intended for faculty members and advanced graduate and postdoctoral students in philosophy and related disciplines. The theme for this year’s Collegium is “Heidegger: Gelassenheit, Ethical Life, Ereignis, 1933-1946.”

More information about the Collegium Phaenomenologicum is posted here:

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