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The University of Oregon Philosophical Society

The University of Oregon Philosophical Society (formerly known as UnterGang and as the Undergraduate Philosophy Club) has changed its name to better reflect the openness we plan to institute towards students from other departments at the University of Oregon, as well as the graduate students here in the philosophy department.

The UO Philosophical Society aims to offer students ample opportunity to share questions, concerns, and ideas. Besides organizing meetings, the UO Philosophical Society also alerts students to philosophical events on campus and throughout the Pacific Northwest, and arranges luncheons and meetings with visiting scholars whenever possible. The UO Philosophical Society is a hub of social and scholarly activity and a supportive network of students interested in philosophy; it’s a great venue for continuing a conversation about all matters philosophical outside of the classroom, for getting to better know your peers in the program, the perfect place to pitch new (or old) ideas and explore alternative ways of thinking, and a unique chance to gather together and discuss philosophical ideas in a fun, relaxed, safe, and inclusive atmosphere.

It is our goal to provide an environment where students of all majors, levels of expertise, and backgrounds can come together to participate in philosophical discourse. We know that undergraduates often have rigorous school schedules in addition to other activities, and it is not our intention to add additional homework. For that reason, we will no longer assign readings. Rather, we will have presentations led by fellow undergraduates or by graduate students on a philosophical topic of their own personal interest. This could take the form of a conference-style presentation, an informal guided discussion, or a film screening accompanied by discussion, as chosen by that week’s presenter. We encourage those of you interested in presenting or leading a discussion to contact us so that we can book you for a presentation date, and look forward to seeing the research and philosophical interests of our philosophical community!

For additional information, please contact our Director of Undergraduate Studies:

Beata Stawarska at

Everyone is welcome to attend the Club’s meetings at any point during the term. Come cogitate and laugh and learn with us!

2016 Meetings of the UO Philosophical Society

The meeting time, day, and location have changed; for Winter 2016, the University of Oregon Philosophical Society will meet on Wednesdays at 5pm in room 192 Anstett Hall.

Please join us for our first meeting on February 3rd. Our presenter will be philosophy graduate student Larry Busk, who will be detailing a critical perspective on the medicialization of happiness and the “positive thinking” movement, reading these cultural phenomena as ideology using the work of Theodor Adorno.

Good luck with your studies and we hope to see you at our first meeting!

Sarah Wilkins
Riley Moore
Adam Hendey

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