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UnterGang: The Undergraduate Philosophy Club

UnterGang seeks to provide an atmosphere of intellectual stimulation, conducive to the development of undergraduate students serious about submitting to the rigors of critical philosophical discussion. Pluralist in orientation, UnterGang is open to all voices and perspectives. Our intent is to focus and support student interest in philosophy here at the University of Oregon by offering a focal point for undergraduate activity.

UnterGang aims to offer students ample opportunity to share questions, concerns, and ideas, as well enable undergraduates to articulate their needs to the Philosophy Department. Besides organizing Philosophy Club meetings, UnterGang also alerts students to philosophical events at the U of O and throughout the Northwest, and arranges luncheons and meetings with visiting scholars whenever possible.

For additional information, please contact our Director of Undergraduate Studies:

Beata Stawarska at

The Undergraduate Philosophy Club’s most recent get-together

Tuesday June 3
6pm at Café Roma

A get-together with other undergraduates to talk over papers, get finals week studying out of the way early, and caffeinate with Untergang.

The UG Philosophy Club is a hub of social and scholarly activity associated with our Undergraduate program, and it is a great venue for continuing a conversation about all matters philosophical outside of the classroom, and for getting to better know your peers in the program. Everyone is welcome to attend the Club’s meetings at any point during the term.

Please contact Ben Ogawa <> or Aurora J Laybourn-Candlish <> for further information about the Club.

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