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Alejandro A. Vallega

Alejandro A. Vallega profile picture
  • Title: Associate Professor of Philosophy
  • Office: 248 Susan Campbell Hall
  • Office Hours: on sabbatical Winter and Spring 2017
  • Affiliated Departments: Latin American Studies
  • Interests: Philosophy in Latin America. Decolonial thought. Aesthetics. Phenomenology,deconstruction, and hermeneutics in the context of world philosophies. Philosophy and literature.
  • Curriculum Vitae


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Fields of Research

Areas of Specialization

. Latin American philosophies; Philosophy of Liberation; History of Latin American 


. Decolonial Thought.

. Deconstruction; Hermeneutics; and Phenomenology.

. Philosophy of Art, aesthetics.

. Philosophy and literature.

Areas of Competence

. Ancient Greek Philosophy.

. Ethics and Social Political Philosophy.

. History of Western Philosophy.

. 19th and 20th Century Latin American Literature and Aesthetics.

. Comparative Literature (Spanish, English, French, Italian, and German).

. Broad comparative classes in humanities.

. Comparative classes in Latin American culture.


General Research Information

I am working on the articulation of a decolonial poietics or decolonial aesthetic thought. This takes further my work on aesthetics and philosophy, on decolonizing consciousness, and on simultaneous asymmetric temporalities and the configuration of consciousness, intersubjectivity and singular identities out of dynamic pluriversal origins. In doing so I explore Latino/a and Latin American philosophy and thought, indigenous and popular thinking in Latin America, Caribbean thought, and their European, African, and Islamic influences.

I am also translating and editing a book that gathers some of the key essay and works by one of the major emerging figures in the study of Latin American philosophy, the Argentine philosopher Rodolfo Kusch.


Previous authored books

Heidegger and the Issue of Space: Thinking On Exilic Grounds (Penn State Press, American and Continental Philosophy Series, 2003.)

. Sense and Finitude: Encounters at the Limits of Art, Language, and the Political (Contemporary Continental Philosophy Series, SUNY Press, 2009.)

Latin American Philosophy from Identity to Radical Exteriority (Indiana University Press, Spring 2014).

Among other edited works 

.  Enrique Dussel’s Ethics of Liberation (Duke University Press, December, 2012.)

.  Epoché  special issue on Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben (Epoché: A Journal for the History of Philosophy. On Giorgio Agamben, (Vol 16, number 1, Fall 2011)).


Among editorial activities

. Series Editor of the World Philosophies Series published by Indiana University Press. 

. Editorial board member of the American and Continental Philosophy Series, Penn State Press.

. Scientific Editorial Board, Revista de Estudios Globales y Arte Contemporáneo, Universidad de Barcelona, Spain.


International activities

Co-director of the Collegium Phaenomenologicum in Umbria, Italy in 2004, and co-directing again in 2016; faculty since 1998.

Founding member and current participant of the International Hermeneutics Symposium, Freiburg Univ., Germany.

Faculty of the Center of Study and Investigation for Global Dialogues, Decolonizing Knowledge and Power International School, Barcelona, Spain. 

Coordinator for the United States and Chile of the Asociación de Filosofía y Liberación.

In addition to my academic activities, I am also an active artist. I was trained as a painter and experimental filmmaker at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and I have continued my activities as a painter. I keep studios in Oregon and Italy. My latest project is a book on light coauthored with John Sallis: Light Traces (Indiana University Press, Spring 2014). The book is a dialogue between John Sallis' writing on light and my drawings and paintings on the subject. 
Present Department Committees / Service at the University of Oregon

. Graduate Placement Committee (Chair)

. Undergraduate Studies Committee 

. Colloquia and Special Events Committee

. Development and Publicity Committee

. Nominating Committee for Department Head



Course Links

Winter 2018
PHIL 345 Place in the Cosmos
PHIL 607 Seminar: Time-Space Non-Western

Spring 2018
PHIL 342 Introduction to Latin American Philosophy
PHIL 407/507 Decolonial Epistemology


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